Schrodinger and Paranoia

15 08 2006

Who was it that said that: “the act of observing something makes it paranoid”, asking me questions like “Who are you?” and “What time is it?” and “What are you doing in my apartment?” I like to say “Hey if you didn’t want me in here, you shouldn’t live in a place that makes it so easy for me to grapple up the side of the building, cut a circular hole in the window, unlock the window and disable the burglar alarm.” I also wonder why would she be wearing that skimpy number if she was expecting company.

Ok so that was my little comedy bit for the start of my Project Hell Beast V.1 memorial NEW and IMPROVED Project Hell Beast V.2 On-line semi-private collection of thoughts and musings. Here you will find the greatest of my mental emissions (minus the really great stuff i keep hidden.) Expect that you can find nothing of importance, very few images and even less links to other websites that are more interesting than my own.

I dedicate this website to the memory of the previous version of my journal. No one read it except for me. Now no one will ever know what it was about. Only the cryptic name remains to haunt you. I guess this is my little passive-aggressive way of saying “Boo-Hoo” without really saying it (even though i just did).

Please come back often. I want you to hang off my every word and thirst for more.



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