Speaking of Quantum Physics

16 08 2006

So I will reveal this little bit of information: I have astounding mental abilities. I think that I can either a.) know little things about the future b.) make small changes in what will happen in the future or c.) both. I know it sounds a little arrogant but let me explain. Yesterday I was thinking about the concept that when you observe something you change it’s behavior. Like camera crews on reality TV shows. Anyways I wrote the post and later I hopped a link from Jim Henson’s website and found this cool animation site that has an awesome flash animation about these Doomsday Robots contemplating Schroedinger’s cat. I wasn’t seeking it out or anything. I didn’t even know what it was about when I started watching it. Did I actually control the future or just see the future? Anyways. You probably want to see it to. So HERE. It’s called Robot Republic. Enjoy.Robot Republic



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