Why I hate driving.

25 08 2006

I commute quite a ways to work everyday. (56.8 miles) {it’s like 10,000 km for you folks who support the metric system}

and it takes me quite a while because of traffic (sometimes 2 hrs).

that gives me plenty of time to think. Heres a list of individual persons who make my commute less than fun.

1. woman in the minivan- I am nice and let her in front of me. She repays the kindness by going slower than a snail decomposing.

2. guy with the bass turned way too loud. ( What song is that? Maybe the rest of America would like hear it)

3. Mr. I-like-to-change-lanes-suddenly-and-without-warning.

4 (My personal favorite)   “Hey look! an Accident!”  I think I watch for a while.

5. (Even better)  “Hey look! an Road Construction!”  I think I watch for a while.

6. And finally.  The individual who feels that traffic is just moving too smoothly, and that they should just hit the brakes for while.

So that is my list of favorite traffic congestors  Whats yours?



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