Minnesota State Fair

4 09 2006

Well I haven’t been since I was half my age.  So much has changed and yet it is still fun.   Corn Dogs, fresh cut french fries, deep fried pickles, burgers, elephant ears, and a bucket of chocolate chip cookies.  Yep, I’m done eating for this week.  The whole family had a good time including my little girl, Miliana.  Her favorite part of the day was seeing all the baby animals. Heres a picture from our little adventure.

State Fair



3 responses

6 09 2006

Hey there Phil,
Man your daughter is getting big. Hey, where the hell is my name on you links dude? Am I not goooood enough to make the cut? Yeesh. 🙂

Take care man,

8 09 2006
Ryan Hagen

I want one…but I want one that looks less like a monkey.

Cute little girl you got there too.:)
See you manana or something like that.

8 09 2006
The Da Rewski Code

Funny, she doesn’t look like a Hellbeast. But neither does mine.

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