Prepare to die

7 09 2006

Perhaps we should contemplate our own deaths every once in a while.

I take a look at my life and wonder:  What did I accomplish?  What personal goals did I complete?  Did I even have any goals?  Whom did I help?  What impact did I make?   Do I have any unresolved issues or conflicts?  Do I have anything to apologize for and have I done it?  Have I told everyone that I love, that I love them?  What foods do I want to try?  What events do I want to experience?  Do I have a legacy that I want to leave behind? If I die today, do I think that my life is well lived?

It isn’t a comfortable subject for us. Death is the ultimate unknown.  Many people would like to think they know what will happen but who can really say?  Death is personal, but it has a deep resonnance with those around us.  It is frightening, but given time, we can learn to accept our fate.  We have a limited time here. Some of us, less time than others.

Should we live each day as though it was our last?  I guess that all depends on what you would do on your last day.  I do think we should consider death.  Begin to prepare for it.  Tell someone we love them.  Perhaps we should treat everyone else like it is their last day of life.

What are your thoughts?



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