Rule of Men

11 09 2006

Rule of Men: Urinal Etiquette.

1. Maintain 1 urinal spacing as long as it is possible to do so.  Ideally, stay as far away from the other individual as possible.

2. When using urinal, Keep head and eyes straight forward. Don’t look down. Don’t look at the person next to you. And for Seabiscuit’s sake, dont look down at the person next to you.

3. Don’t talk while you are at the urnial. Don’t talk to another person at the urinal. Don’t talk to someone at the sink. Don’t talk to  yourself.  Quietly take care of your business.

4. Flush.  Flush as many times as you want.  Just flush.

5. Wash your hands.  I’ve seen too many guys neglect this step.  (No wonder why nobody shakes hands anymore.)

Those are the rules. They are simple and easy to follow.  I had an incident where an individual broke several of these rules this last weekend.  I would have been more annoyed, if I hadn’t already been thinking about this subject.  So please,  anyone not familiar with these rules. Get acquainted with them.



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