Numbered Lists

12 09 2006

Hey!  What’s up with me and my numbered lists?  Do I think that that is the only way to organize data?  Is it the numbers I love or the spaces inbetween the numbers? Anyways here is my list for the reasons that I use numbered lists.

1.  I own stock in a numbered list company.

2. Cheaper than therapy.

3. Tingly feeling I get in my toes when i get to #3.

4. Too lazy to actually organize my ideas into coherent sentances.

5. Hey, its my blog. I’ll do whatever the hell I want!!

Ok, calm down. breathe.  That’s better.

I just want to say that someday soon I will get my scanner working and actually post some drawings. You all probably don’t want to hear me blather on day after day anyways.  Right.  Reading sucks. Pretty pictures, good!

Another aside.  Most of you who read my blog have blogs of your own. And most of you dont update them very often. (Except you John K., You’re cool.)   I’m begging you,  post something, I’ll read it.  Thank you.



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