The Importance of Being Ernest

14 09 2006

Well things are picking up again at work.  (Busy guy = less posts)  No excuses right?  Ok.  So, today’s topic.

The Burden of Intelligence or Ignorance is Bliss.Ernest

I’ve heard it said the less you know the better off you are.  I also been told: “I’ll tell you, but then I’ll have to kill you”   But most of the time people tell me “Sir, please put your pants back on. No, I dont want to see your scar.”  Does it seem that people who aren’t as smart are happier than the rest of us.  Conversely, are brain surgeons, astronauts, and studio executives (tee-hee)  unhappy because of their superior intillect?

Perhaps knowing more gives one more to worry about, but I can imagine that everyone has their own set of concerns. (How many cans of that twenty-four pack did I drink?)  Perhaps knowing that the universe is immense and that we are insignifigant specks, floating around, worrying about celebrity gossip, (Did Brad leave Angelina for a twelve-armed snake woman from the abyss?) makes our plight seem that much more hopeless.

I say that happiness is a choice whether you are dumb or smart, fat or thin, nerd or geek.  It is all about attitude.  When something bad happens, think: well at least I’m not the guy who has to clean used condoms off the street after Mardi Gras. And if you are that guy, think: well at least I dont have to deal with Lindsey Lohan on a daily basis.    And if you do… well, I am very sorry for you.

So, choose to be happy.  Don’t worry about the trivialities.  Do the things you enjoy more often.  Do things to improve someone else’s day as well.  Spend more time naked.



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