Please help the Owls.

16 09 2006

Ladies and Gentleman, the violence against the endangered cell-shaded brown owl must end. I want you all to join me in supporting a multi-pronged awareness campaign to stop the senseless murder of these innocent creatures. Please, I need your help. Tell everyone that you know that these dangerous, yet peaceful woodland creatures, despite being quite delicious, are dying out at an alarming rate. It is upsetting to me how the Forest Service, and the Nature Clubs across America, not only refuse to get involved but actively participate in the wonton destruction of these disgusting and oddly-shaped owls. I have decided to put my foot down and take action. So after a delictable bowl of hot wild rice and owl soup, I am declaring that I will drastically reduce the the number of cell-shaded owls that I “harvest” to a mere several dozen per day. I think it’s the least I can do. I would encourage all of you out there to follow my example. Please. Think of the delicious owls. Thank you.



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