Popeye hospitalized with possible case of E. Coli poisoning

18 09 2006

(Bethesda, Md) Popeye was hospitalized at the Bethesda Naval Hospital earlier today with symptoms related to E. Coli poisoning. Early reports are that he was having a disagreement with long time friend Bluto, before he became violently ill. “I don’t know what happened,” Bluto said in an interview, “We were fighting, he suddenly gets hungry and eats a can of spinach. Usually this is when he starts kicking the crap outta me, but instead I see him over there puking his guts out. I got him to the hospital immedately.” While some feel that this is another case of spinach related e. coli poisoning, doctors aren’t so sure. “We don’t know at this point.” said Dr. Mark Bacon ” He did report eating spinach. But he also said he had some mayo that was left out in the sun, raw shellfish, and that he had also eaten at Denny’s.” Doctors say he is resting now and they expect him to make a full recovery.


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10 10 2006

Now that is hilarious!

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