I’m Lost

19 09 2006

Ok. So finally I am current on a little program I like to call Lost.  You may have heard of it.


*Spoiler Warning*

It’s awesome.

*Spoilers end*

If you haven’t seen it or don’t think you will like it.  Please give it a chance. You will be mercilessly addicted to it, begging for a fix, crying yourself to sleep at night and carving the initials of your favorite character into your arm.  This is all followed by a complete nervous breakdown.  Now in danger of making an understatement I will say this:  It is the greatest thing to pass through an electron gun to strike against a cathode ray tube, no exception.  (By the way, I understand that more modern tvs work a little differently nowadays).   Anyways.  I really enjoy it and am excited about seeing Season 3,  starting in october.  You might see me even post a few things about it in the future.

Character I am most like: Sayid.

Sayid(physical appearance aside)



2 responses

23 09 2006

Most like Sayid, huh? Hmmm…. Well I guess there was that one time you pulled out Ryan’s fingernials for humming Usher. And who could forget the way you lovingly held Gordon’s bullet ridden body in your arms, just as he died. I guess you are most like Sayid after all.
…I’m most like Claire. Hey, gimme a break! It’s not easy being a single mom!! Especially when your a guy …with no kids… …and a lesbian… …err, shutting-up.

23 09 2006

Nice! So you would like to learn of my torturing skills, huh? That can be arranged… Hey If you are claire than that must mean… Gaff is Charlie, right? ha ha!

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