Joe Schmo Show

21 09 2006

I  watched most of the series when it aired back in like 2003 and was amazed.  Here is a reality show ( a genre that I don’t particularly care for) that is totally unreal except for the main character.  Matt Kennedy Gould is this average guy who is taking part in what he thinks is a reality show called “Lap of Luxury” but all the other contestants are actors.  They play all the typical cliche’ personality types you would expect to find.  Among them are the war veteran, the rich bitch, the asshole, the virgin, the gay guy (played perfectly by Lance Krall), the buddy,  and a couple others.  They put Matt through the ringer, making him do embarrassing things and titlating him with buxomy women.  Matt take it all surprisingly well, but I think that’s because he is such a genuinely nice guy.   His sincerity and honesty are never more apperant durning his camera interviews.
Even though the actors sometimes make mistakes and give away damning evindence that the arent who they say they are, Matt is content to not read too deep into things and believes what they tell him. 
The show is fantastic and could never be duplicated.  I wouldn’t even call this a television show.  I consider it performance art.  A beautiful glimpse into the psyche of an average guy. Strong, simple and a little naive.  He looks out for his friends, he cares about everyone. 

Check out Joe Schmo Show  season one.

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