Things every dude should know.

23 09 2006

I think it is rather funny that I am getting the a lot of search traffic from my little article about urinal spacing.  Well if its rules of social ettiquette for guys you want that it MAN-iquette ye shall recieve.

Rule number 1.   Be yourself.  Dont let some puffed up lackwit blogger tell you what to do. (Thats my job!)  I know that many people are pretending to be something they are not,  me included, but we need to break free of that and be who we are.  You are an expert at being you, so do it.   When ever you are in doubt always refer to rule number one.

MAN-iquette tip for dining out:  Listen, I know you never do this so this tip mostly applies to your lady friends.   When you two are dining out and you both get your food, and something is wrong with it… let it slide. I know you don’t care.  Whatever, you ordered fries and got mashed potatos instead, who cares.   I know that ladies dont like to let that go. They want to send it back.  This is a bad idea.  Bad things happen to food that goes back.  I know you don’t want to think that happens but us fellas know that it does.  The best thing you can do is try to convince her to just take it as it is. “Try something new.”  That sometimes works.

The exception to this is food allergies, or if you find something gross like a cockroach or band-aid.  Then it’s time to leave.

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks MAN-iquette tip.



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