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19 10 2006

I think that if you can’t be nice to everyone, you can at least be civilized. And by civilized I mean, wear pants. Why is small talk easy for some people but hard for others? Wouldn’t it be easier if we all wore name tags and a list of subjects we are interested in talking about. It would not be a contradiction to have your name on there because everyone likes to talk about themselves. There is no ” I ” in “Team” but there is the right letters to spell “me”. Why is being in an elevator with people you don’t know so weird? Is it because you are forced into each other’s personal space? Are we deep down afraid of a confrontation with this other person? They might just snap all of the sudden and then you have to fight them, possibly even to the death? Why do we think this way? Appraising every stranger, just in case we may have to duke it out with them, or else if they are huge or holding a weapon, run away like a Pansy. Speaking of the Pansy, it is just a flower like the rest of ’em, and yet it is typically used to describe someone without courage. I suppose someone might be called a daffodil, or daisy. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone called a chrysanthemum. (By the way, I did not spell it right the first time). Why the hell are dogs so happy all the time? If I was a dog, I would be like ” Oh great! I’m a dog!” in a very sarcastic tone. How is it that I can listen to a song once and think “its alright”, listen to it again and thing “its great” and listen to it 30 or 40 more times and think “mmm, I dont really like that song.” This is a little off subject, but I found out the order in which we should be eating our meals:

1. Breakfast 2. Second breakfast 3. Elevenses 4. Brunch 5. Tiffin 6. Lunch 7. Tea 8. Dinner 9. Supper 10. Dessert 11. Snack

I love watching Lost but I just once want Pippin to show up and ask Charlie if their going to have Second breakfast. Well thats it for the Freedom of Information Train.



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2 11 2006
Phil-osophy « The Art of Toon

[…] My friend Phil has had a blog going for a while now and if you want to laugh till milk comes out of your nose, read it. I did and milk came shooting out of my nose. I wasn’t even drinking milk! So get the Windex ready for your old CRT and click here.  And you should really upgrade that old CRT while you’re at it. I mean, was the earth’s crust still warm when you got that? […]

9 12 2006

I’ve often wondered the exact same thing about Dominic Monaghan and I’ve never even watched LOST.

Go figure.
And as a sidenote, I definitely had a typo on the first draft of this tiny little comment and that used to say “God figure”.

Go figure.

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