Never discuss

26 10 2006

I consider my little journal here at Project Hell Beast to be a good place to find a little insight, some humor and occasionally some visual stimulus. I always encourage your comments, it makes me feel like people actually read this. I do put forth a concerted effort to provide content that will be interesting, but I notice when I read other blogs or check stories on Digg that the articles that generate alot of buzz are usually based on two subjects everyone has an opinion on and those opinions are as harmonious as my cats in a bathtub. The subjects (you may have already guessed) are politics and religion.

I will not be talking about politics or religion. Whatever I may believe is personal, It is mine own, and therefore unimportant to you. I will not sway your opinion if i rage on for seven pages with passionate discourse, compelling arguments, and sound intellectual thinking, nor will I win you to what I believe if I disrespect a belief system, hurl insulting names at a politician or political party, nor try to diminish in any way some issue that a great many people feel very strongly about. It’s not going to happen. No one wins.

Like I said, I read a lot of blogs and when an article is printed about these two subjects, the comments block fills quickly with the virulent remarks of what seems like some very bitter individuals. Back and forth they go firing barbs at each other. Some are well thought out, some are crass and insulting, some are entire documents unto themselves, and some make me think that the person writing it is in some specialized institution for the severely anti-social. I wonder if they would make these comments right to their detractor’s face. Somehow, I doubt it.

The Internet brings together millions of people at a time, the melting-pot at a global scale. But at the same time, seems to isolate us, alienate us, cutting our social interactions into hate filled tirades in the comments block on someone else’s blog. I would just as soon have no comments than have people spew fire at each other and the things they hold dear. Respect, my friends, yourselves and others.

Here is a link to a great entry on Eddie Fitzgerald’s blog. He always has an interesting read, and this particular subject I felt he did a good job with. Check out the comments too.



2 responses

28 10 2006
Ryan Hagen

So who do you think will win the house, republicans or democrats?

28 10 2006

I am actually voting for the Silly party.

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