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30 10 2006

Well, I didn’t have anything specific I wanted to address but felt that there were a few things mentioned earlier that have received some interest and some things that I wanted to say more about so here goes.

1. Popeye has made a full recovery from his little bout with e.coli. I know we are all relieved to hear about that. Unfortunately he has entered into alcohol rehab because of a drunk boating incident and him making derogatory statements about people who eat too many hamburgers. How sad.

2. My friend Ryan Hagen has decided to join the church of Usherology. I admire his courage and commitment to be a part of such a unique religious movement that focuses all of its attention on the R&B singer Usher.

3. If feeling schadenfreude were a crime, I would owe Lindsey Lohan an apology for every time something bad happened to her. Its not, so… (imagine me smiling slightly)

4. I’ve gotten back to my roots a little bit with a numbered list. It feels good. Really, really good.

5. We won some regional Emmy awards for a show we worked on and as promised. pictures.

Me and my Emmys

Everyone else and my Emmys

6. My last post about the things I never discuss and the people who write incendiary comments on peoples blogs. Guess what? Those type of people have names (no, not Al Qaida) . Apparently, they’re referred to as Trolls. They do what they do on purpose, most likely because of their small brains and reproductive organs. Interesting.
Well thats whats new . If you feel like i left anything out or want to know anything more. Just ask. Although you probably won’t so who cares.



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30 10 2006

Hey! Nice job photoshoping those emmys into your hands there. It’s almost convincing. Don’t fret man, maybe someday.
…just kidding, Congrats! You’ve earned it.

10 11 2006
Ryan Hagen

I ate mine.

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