10 11 2006

In today’s market,  people with talent are in demand.  Labor can not
only be done by anyone, it can always be done cheaper by someone else. 
But talent, if you’ve got talent you can write your own ticket.  Chances are, that if you are one of the talented few, you aren’t being paid what you’re worth.
I have a particular skill set that makes me hot commodity.  I can boil water until it vaporizes.  I can sort wild west african violets by their personality types.  I see people’s movements as a series of accelerations or decelerations.  I have a secret laboratory where I combine the DNA of dangerous animals to produce the ultimate biological weapon, or what I like to call… The Hell Beast.
Each of you has talent too, I’m sure.  Maybe you can eat 50 eggs.  Perhaps you can go for months on end without needing a shower.  Or you follow that little code inside you that guides your every move, the voice that tells you to burn stuff.   Whatever your talent is, use it to your advantage.  Do what you are gifted to do.   Did you know that Superman liked to play scrabble?  He wasn’t very good at it so he just stuck to what he was good at. Namely flying around in cool poses and punching giant bits of space rock.  And he got paid quite well for it too, I might add.
So today as you go about your business, be the best platypus milker, plate-glass window smudger, or national geographic native boobie observer that you can.  It will serve you well.

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2 responses

13 11 2006

Hey! Sorry I’ve been gone for a while!

I think I know a few “national geographic native boobie observers” – then again, isn’t that the majority of the male population? What’s that? OH – most guys are just “GENERAL boobie observers” — fair enough!

You crack me up – I know that if I need a good laugh, or to allow my brain to “turn left at Albuquerque” for a little while, all I have to do is click over here to your site. Thanks for the good cheer!

14 11 2006

Thanks Virg, I’m glad i can brighten your day.
On a side note, I never had a subscription to National Geographic, But i hear it was great.

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