In Memoriam

14 11 2006

My pixie-like wife is a high school english teacher (She’s not dead, relax) and anyways she is teaching a unit on poetry. One great place to find poetry is in the lyrics to songs. So anyway, she is talking about different bands and happens to mention Pearl Jam. She is met with blank and puzzled faces. Pearl Jam? Never heard of them. She was completely shocked. As was I when she told me the story over dinner.

When I was in high school, there were kids who didn’t know who Pearl Jam was and they were the ones who got punched. I am amazed that a band that was piviol in shaping a complete genre of music is fogotten so quickly. And replaced by what? Singer/Actress/The reason ElectroConvuslive therapy was invented/Party Girl Lindsey Lohan? Ugh. I think I need to lie down for a bit.

Well, It is sad day when Eddie Vetter becomes the Nothingman. Goodbye Pearl Jam. You will be missed.

And, now I have AudioSlave. (RATM + SoundGarden= Awesome)

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