16 11 2006

Would you want to know your own future? Would you want to see what you are doing in twenty years? Where you work? Who you are with? What kind of car you are driving?

If you did, then what? What if things were good in the future? Maybe you’re the president of a huge company.

‘Here at Glass Tube Industries, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality, stain resistant crack pipes for the discerning crack aficionado. We know you can buy your crack pipes anywhere, but we think that our customers keep coming back for our quality products, excellent customer service, and because they are addicted to crack.’


You are an important member of government.

‘The new king of Nairobi who has recently come to power after many years in exile would like to announce his choice for Minister of the Finance. An individual whose continued financial support through the years has allowed him to reclaim his throne. Even in the face on everyone in the US State Department, FBI, FCC, and the News media insisting that his claims were part of a fraudulent scam, This individual persevered, alienating family and friends alike to support the deposed prince. So without further ado please welcome (your name here). ‘

The future looks bright.

On the other hand, maybe you’re homeless. Maybe even dead. What’s to say you would be happy with what you see.

Hey when did I get that scar? Why do I have a $1000 a day cocaine habit? I’m married to Lindsey LOHAN???!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!

I think I will leave the future where it is, in the past.

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One response

18 11 2006

Very good point there ;P

Lindsey Lohan? D:

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