Ode to the Muskrat or Why I wear slippers at work.

21 11 2006

Tuesday, they say, is a blues day, a ‘do not wear your shoes’ day, a Katie and Tom Cruise day, a… uh… *ahem*

I was reading in the newspaper (The Weekly Imaginary News) that a new species of super intelligent muskrat has evolved. The are building small cities with a mixture of mud, sticks and their genetically modified saliva that can make a concrete like substance, that is perfect for building. Early examples of their houses resemble a sort of modified Gothic style with high arches and ornate carvings but there has been a recent shift to a sort of neo-Palladian style that has become quite popular among muskrats and non-muskrats alike. The DNR has reported no problems with this new species in adjusting with current populations and will still pay 10$ per pelt for both types of muskrat.

In other news, A recent study by the Institute for Recent and Fictitious Studies reports that people who wear slippers at work are not only cooler than those who don’t, they are also more comfortable. The study finds that of the one person they asked, he reports a superior “Fonzie-like” state of coolness and a that wearing slippers has the softness equal to that of ‘walking on kittens’. This new research comes on the back of another recent study that finds shoes to be uncomfortable and not very stylish.

Well that’s all the news. Matt is a picky speller monkey.
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22 11 2006

No, no, no, no batsnakes.

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