Love is Funny

9 12 2006

JB and KW

After watching a rom-com this weekend (Romantic Comedy, for you non-Hollywood types), I stated to wonder why women like these movies and men don’t like them at all. Most guys will say “Awww, there too formulaic and make no sense. I don’t understand why these characters are attracted to each other and why they always end with someone running.” Well if you think about it, women could say the exact same things about action movies so lets move on.

I think my problem with them is this: During the middle of the movie, when the beautiful and underappreciated woman and the quirky and flawed, yet somehow adorable man are having “the best date of their lives” montage, there is a shot of them talking, usually whilst drinking, or eating, all set to a catchy pop song. I wonder what the actors are saying to each other. They look so engaged in their conversation, and if it’s THAT interesting why aren’t we privy to it as well? It seems like lazy filmmaking or at least lazy writing to just go:

” They chat enthusiastically, making each other laugh and slowly, tenderly, fall in love with one another.”

Instead of writing dialog that reveals this.

My second problem with rom-com’s is that it creates unrealistic expectations of what it means to laugh and be in love. They would have me believe that unless I profess my love in face of impending air travel then my love isn’t true. I really dont know what it is to care for a woman unless I am forced to run after her. Sometimes in the snow, sometimes rain, sometimes in a hospital, typically in an airport terminal, and usually past armed secutity personnel who always yell “Hey you cant go in there!” but do nothing else to stop me. Its only after I run after her stopping her from boarding her plane and telling her “I’m sorry” and that “I’ll change” even when I don’t mean either one, that she completely disregards her $2000 dollar tickets to Paris and leaps into my arms, (when she knows i have a bad back) and kisses me until the music raises and the lights fade. The end… happily ever after.

Do you know why rom-com’s never have sequels?

Lets hear what you think.

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One response

10 12 2006
Mark Wilson

Oh dear. It sounds very very cliched. I don’t think I’ll like it. Thank you for saving me $10.

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