Movie News – December, 11, 2006

11 12 2006

Because one of my favorite blogs “How to write Screenplays. Badly.” is on hiatus for the foreseeable future, I feel it is my duty to steal away as many readers as possible. (Jeremy and Dan, love you guys!)

I had a great idea for a historical epic set in Mezo-America featuring half-naked (half-dressed, if you are a pessimist) savages… excuse me, indigenous savage peoples, cutting each other’s hearts out and doing a lot of running. It’s a Romantic comedy. I call it “Aztec? As if!” Cameron Diaz and Danny DeVito should be expecting calls soon about this one.

Sandra Bullock has a sequel to “The Lake House” coming out called “Premonition”. The plot is that she has a magic day planner that allows her to go into the future and plan the death of her plastic surgeon husband, Nip (or possibly Tuck, im not sure which) . All is going well until she gets onto a speeding bus driven by Neo, who is ironically or perhaps appropriately, high on speed. She escapes the bus by posing as a beauty pagent contestant and enters rehab for 28 days. When she completes the program, London is overrun by zombies and she marries Harry Connick Jr. and lives happily ever after.

And speaking of sequels, Luc Besson, famed director of La Femme Nikita, and The Professional, has taken a page out of Gore Verbinksi’s play book of shifting the focus of a successful movie onto a quirky secondary character [*See Pirates of the Caribbean] and announced the next two movies in The Fifth Element Trilogy. They will appropriately be called… The Sixth Element, and The Seventh Element, and will feature the back story and ongoing adventures of the real hero of the series, Ruby Rhod. Chris Tucker will reprise his role, with cameo appearances by Bruce Willis, and Milla Jovovitch.

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