You didn’t know?

12 12 2006

Teddy Roosevelt, 26th President, Naturalist, Wild animal shooter, and former Police Commissioner for New York City was also the only man to paddle a birch-bark canoe around the world. While on the trip, he shot four cormorants, twelve emperor penguins, an adolescent sperm whale, five reef sharks, an a native New Guinean whom he had mistaken for a leopard seal.

The largest plate of spaghetti was made entirely by accident when, in 1974, an underwater volcanic eruption that sent a Tsunami of boiling water onto a noodle factory in Lincoln City, Oregon. By strange coincidence, the wave washed a cargo ship ashore that was carrying fresh tomatoes from Chile. The result was classified as the world’s second most savory natural disaster. (The first being the St. John’s Peanut Brittle Avalanche of 1892.)

Bio-luminescence, or the glowy stuff on fish, was developed by Du Pont so that deep sea creatures could see in the inky depths of the ocean. It wasn’t until recently that scientists discovered that fish use their new abilities to trick other fish into thinking they are pixies, and then eating them. Bad form, deep sea fish, bad form.

Sleepwalking is caused by an over-active subconscious mind that forces the body to continue working, while other functions are dormant. Conventional wisdom says to not wake or disturb a sleepwalker, but new research suggests a mild jolt will switch off that subconscious part and allow the somnambulist to get some real rest. Sleepwalkers should be steered towards a flight of stairs or tasered to achieve the desired effect.

Jerome “Double Pump” Wilson was not only a semi-famous blues guitarist, he was the only man born with two working hearts. He turned down numerous offers from the world’s most prestigious universities to study his extremely rare condition, choosing instead to live in relative obscurity. He later became the only man to die of a double heart attack.

Standard playing dice were originally made from human bone and used for many years by the gypsies to play a rudimentary version of Yahtzee. The bone dice fell out of favor for a time as the world was eager to try many of the new polymers being invented by Du Pont. More recently, however, a nostalgic resurgence of human bone dice has occurred, supplied by China, who has simultaneously solved the issues of what to manufacture and what to do with political prisoners.

What, you didn’t know this?



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