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13 12 2006

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President George W. Bush announces 2006 Presidential Arm Wrestling Tournament. Contestants from all 50 states will compete to win a chance to arm wrestle the man himself, or at least his a cybernetic replica of him that was jointly developed by MIT and NASA, named G304g3 W. Bushbot. Top contenders this year are Travis Bagent, Lou Ferrigno, Gary Shandling, and Jeopardy Champion Ken Jennings. Also scheduled is an exhibition bout between former professional wrestler, movie star, and most electrifying personality in sports entertainment, The Rock versus the Bad in Baghdad, the Tiger on the Tigris, Saddam “da Bomb” Hussein. Should be a good match. Go USA!

(I don’t know if that joke was worth getting on a government watch list for, but I think it was.)

Two new movies are coming out with socially conscious theme.

Humpback Mountain, Two oceanographers find love while trying to save the endangered humpback whale. “You keep going out into the ocean with your friend there, but I ain’t never seen you save a humpback whale.”

Weekend at Bernakes, When the Chairman of the Federal Reserve dies accidentally, his two zany nephews try to keep the US economy going by making everyone think he is still alive. “Mr. Chairman, what should we do about interest rates… and why have you suddenly started wearing sunglasses all the time?”

Finally, The FDA apologized to Taco Bell restaurants today for the false reports of an E. coli outbreak. Further testing revealed that the severe nausea and diarrhea was not caused by E. coli, but by merely eating at Taco Bell.

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