Project Hellbeast Sumo Ratings circa 1995

15 12 2006


Musashimaru– Strong contenter this year. Tall stature and long armspan make Musashimaru a formitable opponent. His height could aslo work against him when facing a smaller, faster opponent. Watch for unconventional tactics, as Musashimaru will pull out all the stops for a victory.

Special power moves: Iron Palm of Misfortune, Dragon’s Tonsils


Akebono: The native Hawaiian has been a longtime favorite in the Yokozuna tournament. Fans love him for the whole East meets West flavor that he brings. His opponents fear him for his size, power, and skill. He brings the American fighting spirit with him into each match and refuses to quit. A relative newcomer to the sumo circuit, he is still acquiring some of the more advanced techniques, and lacks the instinct of a Japanese sumo. Nevertheless, he is still a powerful warrior and could easily emerge victorious from this tournament.

Special power moves: Angry Volcano, Pearl Harbor Power Slam, The Hawaiian punch

: A mountain of a man, Konishiki is by far the largest sumo in the tournament. He uses inertia like he invented it, forcing opponents out of the ring with the imact of an avalanche. Unfortunately his large size works to his disavantage as well. He is slower than most and when he gets moving in a direction it is hard for him to change course. But even with these glaringly obvious drawbacks, many sumo still have difficulty using them to their own advantage. Konishiki, the giant, is not easily overcome.

Special power moves: Earthquake Stomp, Mt. Fuji Rush.

Project Hellbeasts favorite for Yokozuna Champion 1995.


Takanohana: Despite or maybe because he isn’t as large as other sumos, Takanohana brings the speed and ferocity of a woverine into the ring. His agility and quickness allow an easy sidestep of an opponents headlong attack. Stepping in when the other man is off balance, Takanohana finishes with a devistating push. Few sumos can stand up to his technical ability. It is not hard to see why we have chosen Takanohana as our pick for this year’s tournament champion.

Special power moves: Whisper foot and Thunder hand, Flying headbutt.



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