What happened.

20 12 2006

Many people may assume that the escape of the giant man-eating spider that ran amok and injured several personnel would cause us here are Project Hell Beast to re-evaluate our safety procedures and enforce more strict countermeasures for such an incident, but I assure you: There is nothing wrong with the way we operate. Ok someone could argue that it was irresponsible of us to build such a dangerous creature an taunt it with pointed sticks, but this is the way we have always done things, we’re not about to change now.  Its a dangerous job and sometimes people get hurt.  Not me, mind you, but the handlers, and technicians and sometimes the scientists, but not me.   They understand the risks of working on a super-secret, borderline illegal operation that involves altering the DNA of dangerous creatures.   Accidents happen, that’s life.   For those of you who believe that I had anything to do with this accident, you are mistaken, I assure you.   I was no where near the compound when the animal escaped and even though I do have the capability to release the cage latch via computer from my own office,  that isn’t something I would do.  I must admit, I was curious about what the beast’s capablities were, but still that doesn’t prove anything.   I was safe in the knowledge that if anything happens out there, mistake or otherwise that my highly trained staff could take care of anything.  That is what they are there for.  They need to be ready for anything.  When I plan something they should be ready.  So if I did release a giant spider to attack them, they should be prepared to defend themselves. Which they weren’t, so that is how the spider got the upper hand, as it were.  So I guess the moral of this tale to be ready, and watch out for big, mutated spiders.

-Professor Manticore



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