27 12 2006

If you’ve ever wondered how much impact you make in this world, do the following experiment: 

Place your hand in a bucket of warm water, if you wet yourself then…. wait. Wrong experiment. 

Try this one.

Place your hand in a bucket of water.  Now remove your hand and see if you’ve left an impression. 

This illustrates the point that each of us may think we are important.  Crucial really, in the inter workings of the world.  But in all reality, when we are gone,  the world moves in and fills the space left by us.   This is at the same time both sad and comforting.   But as the ancient philosopher  Jake (the snake, I believe)  said. ‘ Life doth go on.’

The respectable thing to do, and what most organizations recommend is create some redundancy.  Each of us has tasks that are specific to us, but that doesn’t mean that we should be the only ones who know it.  We should each be training our replacement and learning the job above us.   It not only makes for a better organization but it even if we are sick, on vacation, or even (god forbid)  die suddenly, then things can continue to work smoothly in our absence. Its only fair to those we work with. 

Well there you have it. My brief thoughts on redundancy.

To those of you who continued to blog during the holiday, I congratulate you.  You are made of sterner stuff than I.

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