The Dragon Calls Famous Literary Celebrity

12 01 2007

This is a dramatization of the actual conversation between Dragon (D) and a famous and unnamed writer (NG).

*ring, ring*

(NG) : (in a slight english accent)  Hello?

(D) :  Uh, yeah.   Is this  *******?  This is the Dragon.  I heard you are like famous or something.

(NG) :  Yes,  how did you get this number?

(D) :   Yeah,  I’m not really familiar with your stuff, but don’t you have a movie out or something.

(NG) :  That’s true… I’m sorry.  Do I know you from somewhere?

(indistinct noises)

(D) :  AAAgh!   I spilled coffee on my jibblies!  Ugh! That sucks!

(NG) :  Hello?  Are you alright?

(More indistinct noises.  Someone sings the theme to Hawaii 5-0  in the background)

(D):   Anyways,  What was I saying?  Oh yeah,   So I thought if you werent doing anything we could go get some chicks sometime.  How does thursday sound?

(NG) :   Did you say something about your jibblies?  Who is this?

(D):  This is the dragon.  What are you, irish?

(Conversation continues for 37 more minutes)

(NG) :  I’m sorry.  I really have to go,  I’m very busy.

(D) :  Did you write “Garfield”?

(NG) :   um… yeah, sure, whatever…  goodbye.

(D) : Ya-ya-ya-ya-yaaaa-yaaaaah!  (sings Hawaii 5-0 theme again)

*dial tone*



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