Geek Moment

17 01 2007

Allow me to geek out for a moment.

I read today on Dark Horizons that HBO has announced plans to do a series on George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire Series. Each season would consist of the material from one book. George, himself will be writing one episode per season ( thats what it sounds like).

Let me say this: Congratulations HBO. If done properly, this series will put Lord of the Rings into the public amnesia category faster than you can say “D.C. Sniper”. People will be wearing armor, calling themselves Jamie Lannister and sleeping with their idenitcal twin sisters (read the book) just to get more into the series. It will be awesome. Seeing as how I am already a fan and have been for some time, I can say right now ” I told you so!” and “Winter is coming!”

Alright. Moment of geekiness over.

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2 responses

18 01 2007

I like how you said, “Moment of geekiness over.” You are a liar.

18 01 2007

How dare you, SIR!!! I challenge you to a duel!

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