Hail to thee NERF!

19 01 2007

I will do thine bidding.

I am but an instrument,  A finely crafted weapon, sent to reign down suctiony, foamy destruction on anyone who stands within the 20′ firing range of my N-Force Six shot revolver.  You will feel the sting of plastic darts. And the humiliation of being pelted six consecutive times in the same place (because I’m a great shot).  I will certainly not spare anyone foolish enough to venture into my coordinates, unarmed.  You are but a moving duck along the shooting gallery of life.  I will hit you dead center on your little target and you will fall over.

All fear me and my menacing Nerf gun with a racking slide action and extra pack of darts.  I can rain down an endless torrent of stinging soft darts until I’ve shot all 14 of them .

Beware all who come near.  I am a NERF acolyte and you will not escape unharmed.




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