The Good Life

9 02 2007

I don’t think that I’ve been that grateful for what I have. Now I could blame television, or the Republicans or Top Ramen Noodles for this but I think the root of this condition lies with me. I have so much that is accessible to me, whenever I want it. In fact, this blog is an example of a process that would traditionally force me to write everything down on parchment with a quill and if I wanted widespread distribution, I would have to write it again many times over, by hand. I can imagine that authors under those conditions chose their words wisely. You wouldn’t spout of a bunch of gibberish for no reason whatsoever.

Rabbit wearing galoshes.

I would also say that authors had to be more concise and say exactly the things that they were trying to communicate. All nonessential or superfluous wordage was dimisihed. Any repeated reiterations of redundancy or saying the same thing over and over, and for that matter re-phasing of the things that were said and not saying those things that were said again or over again was completely not done. Or at least done to a lesser extent.

I wonder if I can get my daughter into one of those really good ninja schools. There’s probably a huge waiting list and I couldn’t afford tuition.

Anyways, Don’t eat pickles. They have too much sodium.



2 responses

13 02 2007
Old Man in AK

We all do well to use some words over but never overuse any.

13 02 2007

Thanks for checkin’ in every once in a while, Dad.
If not for you. I wouldn’t get hardly any comments at all.

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