In Protest!!

20 02 2007

I just want to say that I’ve had it.  I don’t like the way the things are going and I am starting a protest and the world will know about it.  It will be a silent protest, mostly.  But I will need to tell people why I’m protesting.  So that part wont be silent.  But otherwise,  don’t expect a word out of me.  Also I can’t completely stop talking because I still need to communicate with coworkers, friends and family and possibly people I don’t know if I’m buying something from the store or need to tell someone to hold the elevator.  So, other than people I know and some that I don’t, you wont hear a thing out of me!

Secondly, I will be going on a hunger strike starting immediately, or after this bowl of ice cream.  And I won’t eat anything until my demands are met.  I’m serious about this and  I will let myself starve if that is what it takes.  Don’t worry, I will still be drinking water, so I don’t get dehydrated.  I don’t want to die, but I will let myself get thin to show I mean business.  Yes nothing but water for me, and perhaps some crackers,  if my blood sugar gets too low.  I get cranky otherwise.   Crackers are light and can hardly be considered food.  Even if there was some cheese on the crackers, that wouln’t count.  Also some grapes, they’re ok too.   Basically any food that is light colored is ok. And for dinner pretty much anything without too many carbs.  And if it does have a lot of carbs I could just balance it with oatmeal for breakfast, and just two sausages, instead of four which is my usual.

Yes the world will feel my discomfort as I organize marches in every major city on the globe.  We will fill the streets with millions or if it’s a weekday and a lot of people have work, thousands.   I will call all my friends and we will rise up and walk in the direction of a major government center,  or the mall.  And we will let them know that their prices are outrageous. 80$ for jeans?!?!   C’mon! We’re not made out of money!   That’s ridiculous!  I won’t pay it.   Or if I do, I will only buy one pair and wear them more than once before washing them.   I protest you, expensive clothing store!  Your shenanigans are all but over. I will be victorious.   You’ll see.

Oh, you’ll rue the day that I decide to protest.



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