Fascination with celebrity

23 02 2007

Most of us live our lives in obscurity, and for good reason. Many of us are too ugly or fat to be seen by the rest of us who are ugly and fat. That is why we have celebrities. They inform us on particular issues, like how to get attention when our popularity is declining (Show off Hoo-ha, Shave head, check into rehab for a day). They also give us a goal for how we wish our lives should be. Riding in a limousine, throwing cell phones at those idiots who know very well that I only eat green M&Ms, and getting married many, many times. Aaaah! That’s the good life.

We desire so much to be one of these ‘gods among men’ that we would do just about anything to either become one, or short of that, just to be near one. It becomes obsessive.

“I never felt closer to Brad than when the judge was reading my sentence and he looked over at me and slowly shook his head.”

“I bought this napkin off of E-bay, It was used to wipe up Lindsey Lohan’s vomit.”

Why do we feel that this ‘Actor’, which is really a position of no greater importance than a medieval minstrel, has some greater grasp on life than we do. Do they have a greater depth of experience because they’ve been more places? Or are they wiser because of so much time spent in “research” of their upcoming roles? I suppose you could say that staying in 5 star hotels and obliterating the mini-bar does provide certain unique life experiences. I hope that we can learn that celebrities are just people. They all eat and sleep and drive cars, just like the rest of us. (albeit, better food, softer beds, and way more expensive cars). Nevertheless, we should endeavor to not place these individuals on such high pedestals. Don’t go crazy when you see them out, ignore them. You may get a chance to meet them later, who knows?

With all that being said, here’s my list of celebrities that I would like to meet someday. (of course, I would be very cool when I met them, almost to the point of disinterest.)

5. Clive Owen. Super cool, I’ve enjoyed his work all the way back to ‘The Croupier’.

4. Yul Brynner. Also cool. (Don’t tell me he’s dead. I know that. Perhaps I could meet a CG version of him.)

3. Kelly Hu. I consider her to be most beautiful woman in Hollywood. Plus it would make my wife super jealous.

2. Tina Fey. Surprise choice, you say? Why wouldn’t I want to meet the funniest woman in America?

1. Jerry Seinfeld. We could discuss cereal, or superman. I enjoy both.

This list is in no way definitive and if there are any celebrities that read my blog and want to hang out sometime, I could accommodate you. Please feel free to drop me a line.



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