3 Reasons I could Not be a Dinka

28 02 2007

After watching a very interesting documentary on National Geographic last night makes me realize how unprepared I am to live with the Dinka tribes of Africa.

1. Collecting cow dung with bare hands. The boys collect their cows dung each morning and put it in a pile to dry. They use the dry cow dung as a sort of firewood. I find it unlikely that I would pick up cow dung with a shovel, let alone gloves. So bare hands is out completely.

2. Stimulating cow’s sexual organs. In order to keep a cow producing milk, which is important considering the limited opportunities for food, a young man will use a variety of methods to stimulate the cows which causes them to lactate. To do this requires a level of commitment that some people don’t even have for their spouses. (If you know what i mean) Yes, this is a big reason why I couldn’t make it, living with the Dinka.

3. Cow Urine Shower. What is considered to be a very trendy look among the Dinka is the bronze colored hair. This effect is produced by bleaching agents in cows urine. How does the cows urine get into someone’s hair, you may hesitate to ask? First you have to wait until one of the cows is peeing, then… you have the third reason.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for the Dinka. They are doing well in very difficult circumstances. And I’m sure they would view many of our traditions and customs as bizarre. I sit staring at a computer screen all day. That’s pretty weird if you think about it. Nevertheless, I am grateful for who I am and where I live. Because I wouldn’t make a very good Dinka.

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28 02 2007

I also saw this on NG but I had the TV muted. But, tell me, did I REALLY see that young man doing what I think he was to that cow? I mean, was he giving the cow “a professional” (if you know what I mean) and then bathing in the urine? I love a refreshing shower just as much as the next gal but to make out with a cow and the get a golden shower is even a bit too freaky for me!!!

28 02 2007

Yes, it was what you think it was. Ugh. I would just try to ask the cow nicely to produce more milk. There’s no need to get too friendly.

28 02 2007

I saw the special as well. Dinkas are special, fer sure.

9 03 2007

Well, having been a witness to how you actually live your life, I would say you’d fit right in with the Dinkas. Hell a urine shower would be a step up for you. However, that being said, don’t switch tribes man, some tribes leaders like to do bad things to people that switch tribes, they get on their satalite phones and call other tribes and inform them on what a bad tribesman you are and not to accept you into their tribe and you can quote me on the quote.

9 03 2007

Poor Gordon, He’s a bad tribesman. (that’s what I hear anyway.)

11 10 2007
afrobella » Fixin’ to Dye

[…] appealing. But any dye you buy is more or less a fancy, packaged version of the same stuff that dinka tribesmen dye their hair with. But I must say, I’m happy with my results, the color did lift my spirits momentarily, […]

15 11 2008

i am proud to me Danika girl. Danika have respect to live and they cow. if you know what i mean.

16 06 2009

I have grown up on a farm and NEVER in my life heard of doing that to a cow to get them to produce more milk. Think about it, stimulating a cow’s privates DO NOT make a cow produce more milk. You might get them turned on, but that is it. Hormones make the cow lactate, not giving them oral.
I think someone ‘was pulling their leg” and wanted to see if a member of the tribe would actually fall for that story (and they did!). I still cant get over it. I almost hurled right into the tv screen. I cant believe that even got on tv. Why not try sex w/a cow to see if they get hornier, and produce more calves?
As for the urine shower to get red hair, if that is the only way to get it, why not put some urine on a cloth that has been wrung out, and wear it on their head to get the look? Why put your whole face/body under the stream of urine? I dont get that one either.

Picking up cow manure is no big deal when you live on a farm. Cows eat grass/hay so it is only grass that has passed thru a cow’s stomachs. Growing up on a farm you get use to the smell of animals, so it is no big discusting deal, although we used shovels to pick up dung. If you get any on you it is no big deal, just wash it off w/water. I know they use dung for home fires/to cook with in other parts of the world because it is a cheap resource. The Dinka’s can keep their cultural ways, I dont think anyone is going to follow that too soon.

12 05 2011
Big Al

To “all knowing Andy”, How do you know that stimulating a cow’s sexual parts will not induce them to produce more milk? Have you ever tried it before? This very act could increase hormones. Did you know that there are “civilized” Americans that have sex with animals? Since you grew up on a farm, I’m sure you’re familiar with this…probably “stomp broke” a few cows yourself, huh? The Dinka would think it’s very stupid of you to rub lotion on your bodies then lay out in the sun in an effort to get darker. Why not simply work outside and let it happen naturally? I think you get the point, but then again, you’ve made some ignorant statements.

2 02 2010
Alier Dot

Well, i don,t think any one is justified in this world to question any community,s way of life. Dinka are more better than other communities in the world since their only bad thing mentioned is collecting cow dungs with bare hands, stimulating cows to produce more milk thru the female private parts, but not actually doing what people ill think about. am proud of them where they are. dogs and cats are now constitutional fights in some parts of the world for their meat to be removed in the menus.

2 02 2010
Alier Dot

nobody has been requested to change the citizenship of his/her community to the other by any reason or law. Dinka are comfortable with their way of life and no suggestions or opinions invited whatsoever regarding their practices of culture.

4 06 2010
Martin Garang Aher

Dear friend, although this topic might have been exhausted, I felt that it is still worthy to say a word or two about the Dinkas and their cows.
A friend who only got scared of three things he saw Dinka do with their cow is only wondering about the prophetic might of Moses, but he will be overwhelmed by the powers of the Pharaoh. There a lot more that might disgust you or impress you if you become a participant observer of the Dinka. Dinka anthropology is complex and utterly confusing. In fact most westerners who attempt to write about the Dinka of the Sudan never come out with a substantive work. Materials nomenclature piss off many. Those who dare persevere automatically become absorbed. The Dinka are culturally very inclusive and descriptive. The Pastor Dr. Marc tried and ended up spending all his life with the Dinka. though such things as stimulating the cows might have jolted his compassion and zeal to live among the Dinka. But he made comparisons and came to realised that Dinka are after all better in handling the animals. Other societies do it bad. I am talking of communities where dogs are used as sexual robots to lick and stimulate humans. Disgusting, isn’t it?
The cow, to a Dinka is the currency of exchange, dowry, its dung is an insect repellant, firewood, garden manure, cement that prevent white ants from attacking and eating house poles; cattle hide is clothes, bed, whip, burial linen, and sewed up as water carrier or container. Apart from meat and milk it provides, cow are Dinka and Dinka are the cows. You cannot separate the two.

4 08 2010

Dears brothers and Sisters,
What ever people do in their cultures is none of anyone’s business. If you are not prepared to live with the Dinka of Africa, then don’t live with then. Nobody has ask you to live with them, so stop pretending that you know more about Dinka. As a Dinka girl, I am more that proud to be born a Dinka.

4 08 2010

What all you people need to understand is that people are products of their environment. Your world view is influenced, shaped and coloured by the world in which you live, and the culture in which you are a part of. Whether your a Dinka or not is not the issue here, because what is strange in one culture is completely normal in another and visa versa. Maybe what you (the person who started this talk) need to do is get your self some education. You can never be a Dinka becasue you simply are not one, having said this though, had you been born a Dinka yourself, you would probably be socialised into such practices (that you think are strange) and that would simply be a way of life for you, just as a Dinka can never claim to be a Western or Inka or as being anything else, other than what he is. Every culture has practices that are deemed strange by another, and that is why we live in a world of diversity. We are not, nor can we ever be all the same. Some people need to fully understand, appreciate and respect other cultures for their individuality and differece, for the beauty of all cultures, and even the strange things about other cultures. I think the world would be a very boring place to live, had we all been the same. Where would the adventure, excitement and learning be if we travelled around a world of sameness.

4 10 2010

Of the 3 reasons number 3 is in fact the least shocking or dirty.
Urine is water and some salts and a few simple organic molecules such as urea. Urine is usually sterile when it is fresh. Cow urine has a nice arousing smell.
Some people in india drink it believing it has therapeutic value which I don’t believe but it cannot do any harm either.

12 05 2011
Big Al

To all you self-righteous, pompous pricks, I am sure there are several things in your own vile cultures that would not be admirable to someone else. Most of you perform similar oral acts on other humans and I have seen films where female women performed oral acts on dogs and horses just for sheer sexual pleasure. At least the Dinka are doing it for survival. You put your children in a daycare all day with people you don’t even know, while this culture keeps their children with them all day. I could go on and on. Let’s not be so quick to judge how others live.

5 10 2011

I’m too late to comment but all I need to tell the person who initiated this discussion is that you mentioned three negatives about Dinka culture, but if you let Dinka person knows about your identity, he/she will definitely mention much more than this number that she/he would not want to be part of your culture.While it should not matter, I would like to say I’m a Dinka man, and if I were to return to my mother womb, I would still tell Nhialic(God) to be born Dinka. I’m of the opinion that
you love Dinka people, because if you didnot, you would have simply changed to to other channels unless you are a retard.

6 10 2011
Professor Manticore

@Keer — I think you are missing the point of my article. It was not to cast dispersions or look down on the Dinka. It was more to point out my own failings as a human and how unprepared I would be to live in such difficult conditions. Clearly I’m not good enough to be a Dinka.

And thanks for calling me a retard.

19 05 2013
paan luel

Well, since it has been initiated, I feel inclined to react. First of all I wish you disclose your ethnic group or country. let me tell you, what Dinka People hate to death: licking other human’s privates (n worse, some p’ple do it to strangers– leaking diseases, u may compare; the Dinka do not lick the cow’s privates, they blow into and after that one goes and washes his/her lips), having sex with animals is completely a taboo and other communities do, eating any living except human is in other cultures but we mind what we eat, a man having sex with another, girls having sex, using your privates to have pleasure with strangers; and many more. Dinka use their privates for children and a short-time pleasure during that only time.
I believe u are among these. the dinka are not against them as practiced elsewhere but in their community, they are a taboo. so, culture depends on what you think is right for you and you learn more about cultures and what is meant by a culture. religions too shape cultures…the dinka r Christians and animists.

27 06 2012
ivan olivieri

dobbiamo ringraziare i dinka per aver fermato la costruzione del canale di jonglei,assieme a le altre tribu’ ,sono la natura e quindi la proteggono,evitando la distruzione di essa,la deviazione del fiume nilo avrebbe reso sterile una regione umida e fertile con conseguenze dannose locali e globali per tutti noi,in questo mondo in pericolo per i disastri commessi dall’uomo, i dinka e le altre tribu’ meritano tutto il nostro rispetto e ringraziamento,,,,ivan olivieri

30 06 2012
ivan olivieri

dobbiamo rispettare i cicli vitali naturali delle popolazioni del sud sudan, che da millenni vivono in armonia con la natura,,,,, senza sviluppare progetti che danneggerebbero la natura ,,,ora piu’ che mai

1 03 2013
John Garang Awan

Oh my dear! I better western education. For the goodness of having cattle bought two cows with about $ 2500 here Juba. Unfortunately I am still grieving the lost of one cow. I was happy because the cows (with their kids) were making little herd in my fended compound. Early in the morning, I would wake up and gather their dungs with my bar hands. I used ashes to desk their bodies and gladly watch them repeat chewing their food. After that I wash, take tea and drive to working meeting world bank executives, and bilateral diplomats (US & UK) included. Even my family members fake western mentality would see as bad. But have practice this way of life before. It very wonderful. The only unique community in the whole known for taking good care of the animals. Naming of cows & teach the names to a cow & her young one.
This tell us about dinka family life. A boy would not even think of have sexual relation with a cow. Their is no connection! period. Not many people will understand this start appreciating other people cultures. I was advising my colleague to take easy when he was fire-up a man & am man claim have sexual – love relations – guys. My friend very much up sad. Told him that since we are not white people how can we understand what these mean for them?

I love you all. And please pray for my I am grieving for my lost cow. I was going to teach my young boy to know how take good care of the cattle.

John Awan

3 03 2013
ivan olivieri

dinca, continuate a difendere la vostra cultura che e la natura che protegge il mondo

19 05 2013
Joky David

I think Bruce Perry can be a Dinka… Watch what this guy can do on TRIBE.

19 05 2013
Gabriel Tor

Hahaha:) I can just laugh for now but yes, there is something disgusting in every culture per any outsider – for example: Dogs used as partners to lick human private parts to stimulate, while cats, snakes, dogs, frogs are eatten in some cultures across the globe, excluding the Dinka’s and sugar use to spice up meet in some cultures that are not even Dinka, human kissing pets that do not eat human food, huh! – just to mention few weird stuffs.

19 05 2013
Ayom in Juba

Fascinating thread. We are who we are. Nobody outside our cultures will truly ever understand us. What is different is generally dismissed as ‘wrong’. This, unfortunately, is human nature. I am a DInka, and proud to be one, but I am also half Euro-American (and unashamed iof this fact). I totally get the knee-jerk negative responses, though I know better than to agree with them. But I challenge you all to imagine the reaction of any of my DInka relatives in the village (and we have many beautiful and happy cows), to disgusting concepts such as diet food for dogs, and replacing your clothes 4 times a year in response to fashion trends determined by a small and unelected coterie of ‘aesthetes’, so fuelling an Asian system of slave and child labour which causes untold suffering and drives worldwide environmental degradation. I have feet in both these worlds, and I say: don’t judge…

19 05 2013
Ajak Butrus.

That’s good one Martin Garang Aher, and Gabriel Makuei. I am still laughing and keep more coming.

20 05 2013

Dear Prof Manticore,

You live in an overly sexualise culture where people have sex with all and everything. To traditional Dinka people what you are insinuating is just unimaginable. And please tell me, is it sexual when ‘your people’ milk cows with their hands? How does your people check cow pregnancy, is that also sexual? I find it odd and disturbing that you think of animal reproductive organs as ‘sexual organs’, just saying.

Talking about cow urine, check for an ingredient urea in most of cosmetics use in the west and tell me what that mean. Any day and time, I would choose to use cow urine to dye my hair instead of some dangerous toxic ingredients in hair colour you people use to dye your hair.

Cow dung like most animal waste can be use as fuel even technologically modern think so, it is what they would call energy.

On your next ‘us and them’ smart comment/s, please do yourself a favour and do some research first.

20 05 2013

…what they call green energy’

6 06 2013
ivan olivieri

e scoppiata una guerra terrificante quando tribu’ dinka e tribu’ sud sudan anno fermato la deviazione del fiume nilo,anno spaccato un enorme macchinario che doveva deviare il fiume nilo-jonglei kanal-le tribu’ del sud anno salvato non solo la natura del sud sudan ma anche il pianeta dove noi viviamo,voglio ringraziare i popoli del sud sudan per aver salvato la terra dove noi viviamo

6 06 2013
ivan olivieri

deviare i fiumi e pericoloso cambia il clima arriva il deserto e la nostra terra e in pericolo soffre,fermando la costruzione del ionglei kanal,i dinka e tutte le tribu’ del sud sudan tutte insieme anno salvato il mondo,,,grazie di cuore

4 07 2017

Isn’t it interesting how people respond to one culture being ‘mocked’, by pointing out the flaws, and mocking another? Colombian men and boys have sex with donkeys. The boys of the Etoro tribe in Papua New Guinea ingest male semen as part of their culture.

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