16 03 2007

In olden times, often a deal would be made with a handshake and the spoken bond between two individuals. Whether it be for something as big as the sale of 1000 acres of seafront property in nebraska, or for something as small as a bottle of Dr. Weaselsnakes’ Super-Cure-All Elixir, all a man needed was his word, the promise that he would deliver on what he said he would. “A man is only as good as his word.” was the mantra of those days.

Unfortunately, a lot has changed since then. Now we have things like boiler-plate contracts, disclaimers, and fingers crossed behind our backs. We don’t expect people to be true to their word anymore. The entire credit industry is predicated on the fact that we cannot trust people at their word anymore. Our credit score is an indicator of how likely we are to pay back out debts. The higher the score, the more trustworthy we are. But it is sad that everyone cannot just say “I’m good for it.” and live up to that statement.

I can say there’s been occasions where I haven’t lived up to my word. It bothers me, but given the chance I make it right. There’s also times when I’ve been on the receiving end of empty promises. From everything as small as an unreturned phone call to an undelivered Ipod. The times that someone has broken their word to you lingers with you and colors any future interaction you may have with them. Trust is so hard to keep and so easy to lose.

So remember as you go about your everyday life: Don’t make promises you can’t keep, and if you do promise something, deliver on it.

A man is only as good as his word.



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17 03 2007

I new this dude once, told another guy that if he came and played games with him and beat him he would reward him with the shiniest music contraption on the planet. Now, having won the challenge the guy was all super excited and stuff. Dude, didn’t give him shiny music contraption. Guy asked dude for shiny music contraption. Dude responds, “oh yea, i’ll make sure to get that to you”. Guy was like, “cool”. Dude never gave him shiny thing. A battle ensued that consumed three countries and two parking lots. It was bad man. There were marshmellows everywhere. Anywa….ANYWAYS, moral of the story is… the friggin’ marhsmellows man.

17 03 2007

Hmmm… a familiar tale. Did this marshmallow fight take place in a marsh? That would be almost too literal.

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