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16 04 2007

Not a big post today. If you will notice I put up two on Saturday.  That should keep you happy for a while.  I’ve been working a lot lately.  Trying to get done with the current project, but its never that easy.   I went to the Mall of America yesterday because Maryanna and I apparently will be chaperoning a Christian school’s version of the Prom. It’s called Shekinah, (and yes, I did have to look up how it was spelled.)   Anyways, Mary needed a dress and I needed to see weirdos so we went to the MOA.   We both got what we were looking for.  So, successful day all around.

Just some notes for all of you who enjoy my blog, or don’t but want to spy on what I am doing.

* I’ve added a guestbook.  So please sign it in the comments section.  Don’t be shy.  Especially all of my international guests, welcome, I’m happy to entertain you.  (Somebody from Iran stopped by the other day. He might’ve thought I actually can make hideous mutants to terrorize people. )

* There’s been some traffic lately for people looking up cartoons about people doing bad things to animals ( I mean sexually.)  This is NOT one of those sites.  In fact let me take this moment to say,  “That’s nasty and if you are into that sort of thing you need some professional help.”  Don’t come here looking for that.  This is a classy operation where we talk about kids showering in cow urine (Ref.  3 Reasons I could not be a Dinka).

* You are probably wondering why a world-class animator such as myself hasn’t ever posted any of his work.  Well, first of all I don’t have to justify myself to you or anyone.  Second,  Yeah, I’m putting some stuff together and will have it up.  (Including some animation thumbnails I did for work on the recently released Bug Rangers spectacular Submarine Sandwich.   Side note:  Wacky World Studios seriously needs to update their website.  They are still showing the previous feature Hairy Situation as “Coming Fall 2006”.

* Hi Matt.

* I am considering buying a Wii and putting my long term plans of selling a eyeball on the black market to finance a PS3 on hold.  If there is any representative from Nintendo of America that wants to possibly sway my  much valued opinion and give me one to use and review.  If I enjoy it, I could possibly write about my experiences with it and for any games I receive with it.  To bribe me, I can be reached here.

That is all.



5 responses

16 04 2007

There’s this guy. HE has a Wii. HE’LL be the first to tell you HIS Wii is far superiour to yours. HE is the best at everything. HE is the only real person on the planet. HE is completely WRONG about everything too. Ok…now replace HE/HIS with I, My, or Mine and you’ll get something similar to this guys attitude. Because HE has done everything at least once, and that one time was way better then yours, I wish I could make “yours” a smaller font, that also might help with accurately portraying this individual. Good post, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

17 04 2007

Yeah. I have been trying to get in contact with you for awhile now. The bad news is the crack team of ex-military specialists mercenaries that I assembled to retrieve your ipod has been called out by the Swiss government for a covert mission. Something to do with cheese trademark infringements or something. Anyway they can no longer do the job so you may want to go ahead and just hire the neighbor kid with the asian animae dragon video game collection.
(Rumor has it that he reched level 49 of “Suchou: Dark Dragon Breezes with varying degrees of swords”)

17 04 2007

Thanks, everyone. I feel a warm, sorta burny feeling in my heart. It could be affection but is probably more like yet another heart attack. Thats ok. I’ve made a few super-chimps with my own genetic code in them growing perfectly matched internal organs. I’ll just harvest one of theirs. Then it’s grilled monkey-burgers for dinner! yum!

20 04 2007

Ryan, I didn’t know James got a Wii.
cheers gentleman.

20 04 2007

Jlo, you have a nice butt. 🙂

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