Wicked, Mad Burns.

20 04 2007

I’ve been developing some wicked, mad burns in the laboratory recently.  These are just beta versions but in the spirit of open source, I want to provide them to the world. So you can change them, use them,  or do whatever you want.  But, please, be careful. They are wicked mad.

“You’re so dumb you thing that a Hippocampus  is where your mom went to school.”

“I want to take a rocket ship and fly to  Planet Stupid, just to see if there is a giant statue of you there.”

“Your face looks like a dramatic re-enactment of the Battle of Badon hill.”

“You’re so annoying, even Gandhi would punch you.”

“Did you know that there’s a type of pickle named after you. Yeah, its the “I’m a stupid, freakin’ moron” pickle.

“There’s nothing wrong with your personality that a box of angry scorpions couldn’t fix.”

There you go. Let me know how they work. Or if you have any you want to share. Please do.



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