Top 8 signs you’re working for a shady company.

25 04 2007

Happy Wednesday everybody! Here’s a humorous list I created that has nothing to do with my current job. (How much do I love adding disclaimers to everything now?!) Enjoy.

8. Bonuses are paid in coupons and arcade tokens.

7. Company financial statements seem to all be written in crayon and have a smiley- faced sun in the upper left corner.

6. You go to ask co-worker how they resolved the problem he was having with payroll, and meet Steve, his replacement.

5. Their company heath plan involves a daily dispersement of Flintstone vitamins.

4. The official telephone greeting is: “What? I already paid that, or you should be receiving a check shortly.”

3. Employement contracts are all stored as Photoshop files.

2. They laugh maniacally at you when you ask for stock options and say “Sure! How much do you want!”

1. Your boss has lunch with the devil, himself, every Wednesday.



One response

25 04 2007
Ryan Hagen

I was thinking earlier. Why not round it up to 10. And without hesitation you said. “Eat me”. So with that kind gesture behind us, i’ve decided to add a couple for your enjoyment.

10. When you ask your boss for something and he says, “I have to ask my mommy first.”

9. The receding hairline on your boss isn’t caused by age or stress, but because of the constant retracting of his devilish like horns.

Now was that so hard? The next time I ask you to do something, you do it. Got it? Good. Now, make me a sengwich.

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