Q and A. (may 4, 2007)

4 05 2007

Q.  I love reading your blog.  I is insightful, hard-hitting, and clever in ways that I can’t describe.  I find myself lying awake at night wondering what you are going to post next.  I almost wish I could crack open you brain to see all the pretty candy inside.  If I was stranded on a desert island (with a small internet cafe) and I was only allowed to take 4 pairs of socks, 2 t-shirts, a pair of jeans, my toothbrush, contact lens cleaning solution and the internet address to one blog, it would be yours.  Also one of the t-shirts would have to be a “Project Hellbeast” officially licensed gear t-shirt.  What? You don’t have an Official Project Hellbeast t-shirt?  You should make one.   I would buy one, maybe two if they were different colors.

A.  Uh… did you have a question?

Q. (continued)   Oh yeah.  What is your favorite dinosaur?

A.  Good question.   My favorite dinosaur is the Triceratops.  I’ve loved it ever since I was a child.  How cool is a creature that has a built in shield, not to mention THREE swords.  Don’t mess with that guy, he’s carrying around an entire medieval army on his head!  Plus, this is something that paleontologists won’t tell you, but the Triceratops was the smartest of all the dinosaurs.  I know that isn’t saying much because some dinosaurs had brains the size of walnuts but the Triceratops could finger paint and count to seven.  That’s pretty good.

So there’s your answer.  Keep those questions coming.



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