WCP intramural coed daily underground unlicensed arm wrestling competition tournament

16 05 2007

The 5 day results are in for the WCPICDUUAWCT (known colloquially as the Wicipicduact) are in here are the standings.

Day 1

G. Gordon “The Gray” Ridge vs. Phil “Special Danger” Walton

Winner: Phil

Day 2

G. Gordon “The Pallid” Ridge vs. Phil “Hurricane in a Tornado” Walton

Winner: Phil

Day: 3

G. Gordon “The Pale” Ridge vs. Phil “Uppercut Bonanza” Walton

Winner: Phil

Day: 4

G. Gordon “Lasting Impression” Ridge vs. Phil “Scissor Kick Surprise” Walton

Winner after near stalemate: Phil

Day: 5

G. Gordon “The Determined” Ridge vs. Phil “Let’s get this over with” Walton

Winner: Phil

The series champion in the WCPICDUUAWCT in a total rout is non other than our very own Phil “Title Belt” Walton. Congratulations, me!




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6 03 2012
Herta Hind

This is what I would call. . . MOTIVATION!

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