Thoughts on Spiderman 3

21 05 2007

I had the opportunity to take in the box office record breaking movie Spiderman 3 this past Saturday.  Here’s my opinion (*Spoilers ahead*) :

The good:  I really liked the moral conflict that plagues most of the characters in the show, good and bad.  The Flint Marko/Sandman  character played by Thomas Hayden Church was a pleasant surprise. I thought he did a good job of giving emotional depth to someone you probably wouldn’t normally feel bad for.  Same goes for Harry Osborne as a bump on the head turns him from villainous jerk to kindly amnesiac.   Peter Parker spent a lot of time in the movie trying to figure out how to really be an adult. (Which is a good thing for a lot of people nowadays to see.)   The action sequences were top notch and should not disappoint any fan of the series.  The CGI for the Sandman was truly amazing, with a particularly good scene as he learns how to form himself back from individual sand particles.   I really liked Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacey, even without M. Night standing next to her with a sign reading “She’s Beautiful.”

The not-so good:  Well first things first.  Three villains is too much.  Between Spiderman fighting his old friend Harry / New Goblin, facing off against two new creations (Sandman and Venom)  and Peter Parker fighting the forces which are turning him into an Emo prick,  the entire plot gets muddled.  Kirsten Dunst has few likeable  moments as Mary Jane Watson.  Venom was totally wasted in this movie.  I am a big fan of the Ultimates version of Venom.  This incarnation seemed weak and not cool.  Venom vs Spiderman could have been it’s own movie, if you ask me.

The verdict: Overall a watchable, enjoyable but ultimately forgettable movie.  If you are looking for a really good movie, go see Pan’s Labyrinth.



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21 05 2007

True ‘dat.

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