Mutually Assured Destruction in the Age of Ipods.

24 05 2007

It may surprise some of you ( hell, it may even make you shudder uncontrollably for the next three days) to find out that back when I was in the Air Force, I would, on occasion, find myself working on an aircraft fully loaded with real, live, nuclear missiles. Of course, it wasn’t like a guy could go up and touch em or anything, but still, standing that close to one of the most destructive weapons in the world is really kinda humbling. What struck me is just how plain they look. You have to imagine there was someone or a team of someone’s who had to come up with the design for what a nuclear missile would look like. I’m certain that whoever designed those nukes was a very sober, realistic, and mathematically minded individual. In short, a nuke ain’t much to look at.


We have very few products that aren’t sleek and stylish. No one wants something that looks boring, even if it is utilitarian. We want beautiful design in all areas of our life. Everything from our cars and houses, right down to our toothbrush. I’m of the opinion that one company that has really successfully captured the essence of modern design is Apple. All of their products are downright beautiful. Since the Ipod is so ubiquitous, Apple design has become a part of our lives.

This brings be back to the nuke. What would it look like if it were re-designed for today? Glossy white with a simple circular interface? A Back lit number panel? Built in wireless? I’m sure it would be something to behold. But the fact is, nuclear weapons don’t need to be stylish, to go one step further, they shouldn’t be stylish. Only a few people ever see them, and I certainly don’t want anyone to start thinking of them as an entertainment device.



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24 05 2007

Perhaps they are not stylish, because they are not something to be proud of, or to admire. They are only for destruction, so no one wants to bring more attention to them by a fancy design. We have them, because for some reason they make us feel safe, but that is only because others have them. So keeping them plain, simple, and not attractive in anyway helps us to forget them in the peace time.

24 05 2007

Also, I wouldn’t want ‘The Sharper Image’ to make a bunch of stupid accessories for it.

“No thanks, I really don’t need a set of cheap speakers for my iNuke.”

24 05 2007

Hahaha, yeah like,

“I thought the pink protect cover came INCLUDED with my nuclear device. Now your going to charge me like $100,000 extra?!”

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