Decisions, decisions.

30 05 2007

When people say “Life was so much simpler as a kid.”  I assume they are referring to the events and choices that one faces as a child are simple ones.   Do homework or play Nintendo.  Potato chips or Pretzels.   He-man or G.I. Joe.   Shelly (the ugly girl who likes me)  or Courtney (the pretty girl who doesn’t).

The choices of a child, and really, the world of a child is very unambiguous.  Everything is black and white.   There are no gray areas.  (Maybe some light black or dark white spots, however.)  The point is, that as you get older the choices you make become more difficult.   Why?  Because we begin to see a more macroscopic view of not just our choice, but the implications that come with it.  How will this effect my career? How will my spouse feel about this?  When will this rash go away?  All of these things factor into what decisions we make.

Sometimes two adults can all be faced with the same choice, and each of them different decisions.  Two children in the same situation would probably choose the same thing. A child’s idealism and strong sense of justice leaves little room for other considerations.  Adults, on the other hand, have to make a living, provide for a family, and protect their friends. They ultimately have to choose what is best for themselves.

So where am I going with all this?  I don’t know.   Perhaps it is something to ponder while you wait for the Garfield wallpaper to dry, or give you cause to reflect after your night of binge drinking and C. Everett Coop look-alike contests.



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31 05 2007

This song just came on the radio and it reminded me of this funny little guy. Ever seen it?

By the way, decisions are what make us all truly unique, because though those two children will probably make the same decision, when looking back on that decision as an adult they will probably have two different reasons for making the decision. What it comes down to as an adult making decisions is are you willing to actually make a decision; will you pretend like you are not facing a situation where you have to take action and sit idle, or will you step up and be decisive even if that means venturing into the unknown?

31 05 2007

The mouse is a classic.
Good insight into decisions,
Tolken said. “Little by little, we travel far.” Sitting will get you nowhere.

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