Update June 15, 2007

15 06 2007

Hi everyone,

Without a particular subject to write on today, I suppose a general update is in order.

I got a membership to a gym that is available to me Any Time I want to go there. I like it. Especially when I am the only one there. It feels like I’m getting stronger while eveyone else atrophies into skinny armed weaklings. Get ready to give me your lunch money!

I just read that a scientist plans on sending a message back in time using “quantum retrocausality” Here’s how the conversation will go.

*ring ring*

J: Hello?

Sc: Hello, I’m a scientist from the future! Who am I speaking with?

J: Jesus of Nazareth.

Sc: Jesus, I have to warn you that they plan to cruicify you!

J: Yeah, I know. Thank for calling, though.

Sc: Damn!

(I want to note that I realize Jesus would probably be speaking Aramaic so the standard telephone greeting would be more like ‘Ja?’ )

Project Hellbeast is announcing a Header Design contest. Entries should be 760 X 190 pixels and contain something visible and something subliminal. Submit your entries to me and if I like it or totally despise it, I will use it up top of my blog.   Won’t that be fun? (Acually, as I write this I wonder if I will get any entries at all.) Well prove me wrong and send me something! Hurrah!

You may have heard of the first successful test run of our grizzly woodchuck. Stay tuned for further developments.



4 responses

15 06 2007

oh snap – I have all the time in the world this weekend. I am SO winning that contest. >_

15 06 2007

Sweet. Good luck!

19 06 2007

Kudos to that lucky woodchuck.

20 06 2007

That woodchuck is the product of months of training, string cheese, and gallons of Rage Serum. All’s well that ends well, I guess.

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