Art School Confidential and Jhonen Vasquez

18 06 2007

Anyone who has been to art school knows that the movie Art school confidential is an awesome satirical bit of kneaded art eraser. I would say that you would almost have to have gone to art school to fully appreciate it to full extent of its fullness. The various characters are real archetypes of individual you can find in any art school. I like the guy who never finished his work but always had a good explanation of what he was  “trying to achieve”  with his work.

That brings me to my second point.  Jhonen Vasquez.   One of my more memorable experiences in class was when two of these characters got into a discussion about this sorta underground comic writer Jhonen Vasquez.  The talented-but-mistrusting, low-self-esteem stout girl and the chatty-never-does-homework-drug-using-alterna-prep discuss all things Jhonen for 3 and a half hours whist the rest of us draw and listen.   The girl has every word, image, and stray piece of information committed to memory about Mr. Vasquez.  The guy has more of a I-liked-him-before-he-was-cool working knowedge of Squee!, Johnny the homicidal maniac, and Invader Zim.  Everything that could have been analyzed about him, was.   The funny thing occurred the very next week in class when Mr. Heroin and Black denim, most likely forgetting the entire conversation from the week prior, begins to chat up the girl again on the very same subject.  The girl turns to him and says ” We already talked about this.”  And never says another word to the guy for the rest of the semester.

You gotta love art school.



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