5 easy ways to get respect.

27 06 2007

There is much talk about Love in our society,  several industries are built exclusively on people’s desire to express love or feel love from someone else, not much attention is given to Respect.  Respect is thought of as an anachronism, a sentiment of a bygone era.  While I’m not saying that we shouldn’t try to love each other, what I am saying is that we are missing this other, equally important component of human society.  This is evidenced by what I call “Fall of the Father figure” in our culture.  Dads are no longer important.  In fact, Dads have become the punchline to a joke.   The lackwit, bumbling, outsmarted by his wife and kids, scheming, lazy ,  good- natured but good-for-nothing guy who is just there to be laughed at.   Dads were one time the authority.  The decision maker.  The bread winner.  The Sage.   We respected this man because he was the model for who we would become.  It’s clear to see how far we have fallen from Atticus Finch to Homer Simpson.

So what should we do?  I know you are reading this because you expect I will share ways that you can get respect from others.  In my experience, in the military and in life, is that there are two types of respect.  Respect that comes with position. I respect my superior officers, my boss, and government officials for the position they have and the ramifications of what could happen to me if I didn’t obey.  The second type of respect is the respect that you earn.  It is possible to have both types but many people with the first type never try to get the second type.  The respect you earn is often the most sincere, and once you have it, people would follow you into the pits of hell if you asked them.  How can you earn that type of respect?  Heres how:

1. Give respect. If you value something you will protect it and will treat it with care.  The same goes for people.

2. Have integrity.  Do the right thing, even when you think no one is watching or no one cares, because someone always notices.

3. Stand by your principles.  Especially when it is most difficult.  Every great individual in history had to stand firm in very difficult circumstances.

4. Respect yourself.  Treat your body and your mind well, and they will serve you well.

5.  Be humble.  Your skills and talents won’t go unnoticed without you pointing them out to everyone.

Well thats my list.  I hope you can benefit from it.



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27 06 2007

I have also noticed that respect has been lacking in this day and age. People have become so involved in themselves and not much for the benefit of others, and thus a selfish society. I will give my generation credit to some degree, that there are still people out there who are trying to bring our image back up.

This topic reminded me of a debate I have with one of my friends. He always told me that when he meets someone, they have to earn his respect and earn his friendship before he considers them such. I, on the other hand, give people the benefit of the doubt. I give them respect and will call them friend, until their actions say otherwise and change my opinion. Is this arrogance? I think not, because I for one believe in humanity, and that we are essentially good. And until I see that they are not, they will be held with regard in my eyes. For if we cannot have faith in ourselves and each other, than we are lost.

The idea is like in ‘Dangerous Minds’. You start with an A, and all you have to do is keep it.

27 06 2007

Respect is like an ancient language. You know is exists, but no one speaks it. If you are lucky enough to be part of the unique group of people out there today that actually still believes in respect then you hold a power greater than you might know. It will set you apart from the rest of society and someday when the world immediately around us is in the midst of a revolution it will be that group that will lead us.

How about a little respect in these days prior to our annual celebration of independence for our former commanders in chief that have respected this country and sometimes didn’t get the return respect that they deserved…seen this one yet?


27 06 2007

Indeed, respect is something to be shared. You don’t take it at the point of a gun and you can’t buy it. I often think that our society is currently built on attitude of who we can disrespect. We are cynics and iconoclasts. We have no heroes. What a truly sad state we live in.

6 07 2007
Little Sister

Perhaps it is moreover a larger problem than you think. We cannot have respect for our fathers, as it is they who have disrespected our mothers, and themselves with their actions or lack there-of. How can I, being a young woman living in a now patriarchal world, really have any respect for the Leaders of Men? Our fathers have fallen in that they have tried to be the sole provider, the only ‘head’ of the family, rather than recognizing the strengths and compliments of the mother, thus creating unbalanced and ill-mannered generations. A cynic, perhaps. Maybe though, this problem you speak of is only necessary to bring balance to the force….

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