Update July 10, 2007

10 07 2007

So Ladies and mutants,

Why don’t I post more often? Why don’t YOU drink less? Ok, ok let’s not get defensive. Well, I am legally obliged by the rules of the Blograry of Congress to update you. Here we go.

July 2, Attacked by what I initially believed to be a werewolf, two bullets and wooden stake later and I wound up owing my neighbor an apology and a new dachshund,

July 4, Re-created historic Saturn 5 mission out of black cats and whistling moon travelers.  Explodey goodness ensued. Go USA!

July 6, Came close to solving unifying theory of the universe, then saw something shiny. Oooh! Shiny!

July 7,  Moved to new apartment. I suspect that it is mandatory for all women in this town to smoke.  Mili has already developed a taste for Virginia Slims.

July 9,  The triumphant return of Gordon and a fiberglass replica of H.R. Giger’s Alien,  give me pause to contemplate the deeper meaning of the universe and how someday we will travel to distant planets just to put metal probes in other living beings bodies, and how some of us probably won’t take it seriously.

July 10,  Today is National “French kiss a wolverine” Day  brought you by the Facial Plastic Surgeons of America.   Give ’em some tongue!



2 responses

10 07 2007

July 2, mourned the loss of another brethren — got shitfaced at wake.
July 4, Blinded by intense light for the remainder of the evening – drank in depression.
July 6, Tossed a shiney new 2007 lincoln penny at Hellbeast outside of bar- missed.
July 7, When paying my tab, I noticed my pack of slims had gone missing from my purse…strange vision of ‘little hands’
July 9, Conquered yet ANOTHER alien race — went drinking to celebrate.
July 10, “BACK OFF or I will fuck you up.” – line of the night at local pub.

10 07 2007
Dwight Proudy, Specialist Realtor

Congratulations on your relocation of Project Hell Beast corporate offices. I trust you will find your new accomodations up to your standards. Now that you have moved in, please do not be alarmed if you hear strange hissing noises emitting from the second level sub-ventilation duct # 37. There was a slight incident involving a cryofusion generator malfunction and a yellow fanged fero salamander. This was disclosed in the lease agreement on page 1137 Title 3, subsection A.13.
On a lighter note, I did notice some strange remants of what appeared to be a new type of legged emanthrocytes emerging from the previous tenants leftover lasagne in the fridge. This may be useful for further developments if you can find some way to transport it to your testing facilities.
Good luck in your new facilities.

Dwight Proudy PhD, B.S.
Specialist Realtor

PS. Let me know what product you use if you are able to get that stain removed from the Executive Level 14 conference room Rug. I have a friend that has a simillar stain on his brand new Mephistos and some unsightly footprints of the same material in the carpet of his Jag. This friend would also ask that you would refrain from doing a DNA analysis of the stain and would remind you that this was part of the lease agreement.
AND furthermore, if you decide to contact the authorities regarding this matter this friend might be inclined to use certain evidence against the tenants of a certian ice cream parlor near by a certain park and this certain place might be closed when this other certain authority figure closes it and takes them to jail. Certainly you would not want this.

PSS. Please ignore the unconfimed rumors of cameras hidden in the 3 extra smoke detectors in each office.

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