Observing the Land of Ghosts

13 08 2007

Since it’s a Monday and I don’t feel like crushing your minds with another unsolvable moral dillema,  I will give you something that will pick you up a bit and shake you by the armpit hairs.  Enjoy it,  you might as well.



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13 08 2007
The professor

As much as I find this clip to be highly disturbing, I feel a deep and uncategorized need to make a comment based only on the singers ability to conduct onself in a lifestyle that would allow him to HAVE LONG BRAIDED PIGTAILS. However based upon raw talent for singing compared to music as the “normal” people listen to it, I will make an unbiased comment.
This may be the only time I will admit to having a chink in my glorious armor. So yes, it pains me to admit it, I will have to say that when I wear sunglasses indoors I run into things. You must beware though, next time I do battle with you in some dark freighter or unlit warehouse, your only way to win will be to apply this tactic.
There are you happy now? You have brought this upon yourself.

13 08 2007

Obviously the rockstar… wait, check that… the *indie* rockstar lifestyle is one that allows for full braided pigtails. And as far as your secondary comment, your ‘weakness’ as it were, I have already discovered a great many weaknesses that are readily exploitable. Notably your fondness of complex linear equations, your hyper wind resistance due to a lack of cranial turf and your deep sea hook setting abilities (or should I say complete lack thereof). So if I fought you in a wind tunnel with a bloated rockfish and a scientific calculator. I would win every time!

13 08 2007

Umm, you guys…I think I’m like 99% possitive that is a girl on there – hence the pigtails. But still, who does that? I definitely think the music would be more entertaining live for sure, however. Just – ya know – from a musicians perspective…ahem…

— Hey look! I’m dancing CARAZZY!


13 08 2007

Unfortunately for you, but much to my gleeful delight, katie… You are wrong. That man is Aaron Behrens, lead front man of Ghostland Observatory. They have a myspace page and everything. Enjoy them… you must.

14 08 2007

He…that shirt does not compliment him well…*grimmace*

And now I feel like an ass —

15 08 2007

Wow, Katie. I am glad you said it first because that was the first thought that came to my mind, that dude isn’t a dude at all! Guess we were both wrong!

What do they call that? A he-she, or would it be a hemale? Either way, I’m not sure that I’ll be checking out their myspace page!

20 08 2007

This gentleman is tame compared to the days of POISON, or David Bowie. Lets just let him have his braids and be glad there’s no lipstick or eyeshadow. Hmmm?

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