Green Cine

16 08 2007

As the writer of a very popular blog (see hit counter) with fans all around the world (see cluster map) It my job, nay, my DUTY to inform you of products and services that are perfect for you. Yes! you there, pasty faced suburbanite with long toenails! I think your name is Steve. Sven, Steven, something like that. I am talking directly to you and to all you other Steves out there. Not just to Steves but non-Steves alike I am addressing everyone in the applicable area.

I have been a loyal Netflix subscriber for some time (call me!) and while I love their prompt service and low prices, I notice they don’t have exactly EVERY movie that I am looking for. That is where Green Cine steps in. For stuff that is really obscure, you can usually find it on Green Cine. They have an extensive Anime collection if you are into that, and if you are looking for Mature content, they have an optional section for that as well. Worth checking out, I would say. I use Netflix as my main movie rental source, and I also pay the 10 bucks a month for 1 from Green Cine. I think it is a good way to go.
But then again, I operate a mutant making laboratory on a remote island, so what do I know?



One response

16 08 2007

It is true that Netflix may be missing some flix here and there, but I can tell you that I love it still anyway. I started out with the 15.99/2movie Unlimited plan, and bumped it up to the 17.99/3movie Unlimited plan about 2 months ago. In that time, they have LOWERED the price of my plan BACK DOWN to 15.99/3movies Unlimited. That is AWSOME. Plus, if there is a movie I want to take care of right away instead of wasting it on my netflix queue, I go to That website has so many free movie, television, anime, and cartoons on there its insane. AND you aren’t downloading them, so you don’t have to worry about ‘legal’ issues. Check it out beasties!

Oh, and I feel if you haven’t seen my blog of late, I recently purchased a new Monster for transportation purchases…so go check it out on the Rising Sidewalks link to your right. =D

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