Adventures of Animator Dude Ep.1

30 08 2007

Seeing as how I have the most sophisticated and discerning readers anywhere in the world who expect quality content day after day, with no thanks but the acknowledgment and harsh word when I have been somewhat lax in my duties as a blogsmith (copyright pending) and therefore I can do nothing to appease said reader(s) except by a deluge of original content disguised as silliness and the pointless ramblings of an unwell mind. With that said, enjoy this comic I just made.




4 responses

31 08 2007

aw, that’s so sad :(.

It is true that even I like to animate things that would never be possible for me to do in real life. That is my attraction to animation. To create a world that I wish exsisted, but never will. Something I can escape to. The trick is, not to get lost in a fantasy. But, ya know, at least it is fun, and makes me happy. ^_^

31 08 2007

Plus, Why am I wearing a MooMoo in my comic?

1 09 2007

Cuz MooMoos are HAWT!!

1 09 2007

Oh yeah… Whatever was I thinking?

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